Thursday, August 20, 2009


I went out today to try to get some still shots of all the remnants of the flooding that happened between Panhandle and Conway TX on hwy. 207. I just wanted to get out and get some still photos shots, and I wasn't disappointed. I have never seen so many small lakes in the area that are usually dry as a bone. 10 days ago, we were 3 inches below normal in Amarillo. Now, we are almost 5 inches above normal. I got my socks and shoes soaking wet, but it was worth it.

I almost got carried away by hundreds of mosquitos near dusk. They were extremely thick.

Finally, special thanks goes to the 3 young bulls for making the shots a little more interesting. Thanks guys!!! Now to the photos:


brandon14295 said...


Steve Douglass said...

Love the smooth and subtle colors.

Jason Boggs said...

Thanks! I wish there would have been more detail in the bulls. Something I'm going to have to accomplish next time.

Dann Cianca said...

Great shots ... love the curious cows!